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SFP Reels stands for Sano Film Productions – Reels.
My name is Chad Sano and I started this business because I am an actor myself, and know just how difficult it is to get great footage for a demo reel.  Having a Demo Reel is more crucial now than it ever has been before! So I put together a way for actors to get cinematic looking footage that will instantly amp up the production quality of any demo reel!  For more about me and my work, visit my cinematography website at 

That’s the best part! With SFP Reels, every month is a different location! 

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Option 1

Head to the Book Now Page and reserve your time slot. Book a “1 Person” slot if it’s just yourself doing a monologue or if you’ll be using one of our scene partners, or book a “2 Person” slot if you have a scene partner.


Email us at if the Booking Calendar is giving you any problems.

Your shoot day with us will be treated just like a professional shoot day on any other Hollywood set! You will receive your callsheet with all the information ahead of time!

Upon arriving, you will check in 30 minutes beforehand and do any last looks in the green room. Once it’s time to shoot, you will be brought to set where we will film your big scene!

Recording will last around 1 hour. (Unless you nail the scene a lot quicker and feel really good about your performance!)

That’s it!  In 3 – 5 days you will receive a link to your High Quality Footage!

1 person scene (Monologue or with our provided scene partner)

Filming a monologue (or a “minilogue”) will be a dialogue piece of your choice of up to 2 minutes in length. Or performing a scene with one of our provided scene partners. This is a cost of $500.

2 Person Scene

Filming a scene with a partner you will be bringing, up to 2 minutes in length. This is a cost of $900.

The pricing is set by a number of different factors:

  • Location

We will be renting out an entire studio in Los Angeles. We don’t want to make just an average demo reel, we want to make a cinematic one with high production value!

(Which can also mean rented wardrobe, depending on the location.)

  • Equipment

We will be recording on a professional cinema camera! A Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro G2 (which shoots amazing 4.6k RAW Footage) We will also be capturing your audio with top of the line sound equipment! We will be hiring a professional sound mixer who will be there at the shoot.

  • On Set Recording

We will be recording multiple takes for the alotted time. Getting a few medium shots and then a few closeup shots. (Around 1 hour of shoot time. We will be moving the camera around and getting the reverse angles for 2 person scenes.)

We will have a director there who will be giving notes to those that would like it!

  • Post Production

We will be color grading your clips to look as cinematic as possible. We will also be applying noise reduction and EQ on your audio files and syncing them for you.

You will NOT be receiving an “edited” demo reel. You will have the option of purchasing the add-on of us editing your scene for you, as well as an option of receiving a link to all your High Quality 4.6k Footage, (Color Graded, With Sound Synced and Attached) but it will be up to you to choose your best take and edit it into your demo reel! 

If you would like us to edit together your footage into a scene, make sure to include the “Need Editing” add-on during the checkout page!

  • File Delivery

Between 3 – 5 days after your shoot, you will receive a link to your video clips. Again, these will be full resolution with color grading and audio synced. (3840 x 2160 in .MP4 file)

Demo Reels Are A HUGE Deal!


Especially on Actors Access. If you have a Demo Reel attached, as well as a Slateshot, you will be bumped up to the top of the Casting Director’s list. That makes a HUGE difference when CD are receiving thousands of submissions!

In today’s world, 99% of the first round of auditions actors receive are now virtual! Meaning demo reels are more important now, than ever before!

REFUNDS: Full Refunds are allowed up to 48 hours before your appointment date. 50% Refunds are allowed 24 – 48 hours before appointment date. NO Refunds if cancelled within 24 hours of appointment date.

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